The CT Climbing Tower GmbH Group was founded from one of the most famous metal construction companies of Austria, founded by Mr. Anton Fritz in 1932. The most important international award was received in 1984 as “Best Steel Construction Company” in Europe supplied by the European Steel Construction Community. Today the group is employing more that 250 employees in Austria as well as in Slovakia. All methods of steel processing can be covered in-house starting from modern sheet metal processing to heavy steel construction.
The worldwide projects do reach from London to Hongkong and do incorporate the construction and building of numerous sports facilities such as the Olympic Ski Jump of Innsbruck, the Olympic Ice-Hall of Innsbruck as well as the Nordic World Championship Ski Jump of Seefeld. The founder was decisively involved in the Olympic Games of 1964 and 1976.

Nowadays hundreds of transmitting stations / masts complete the scope of activities in the central European area. Since 2003 the group expanded its capabilities by several mergers and acquisitions – today all kinds of plastic materials and wooden composites are being processed in house for indoor as well as outdoor applications. All kinds of freeforms / 3D models are being designed in the R and D department and Innsbruck and can be 3D printed immediately since more than 10 years. Larger scale 3D projects and series productions are done the factory in Slowakia by means of several resin- and laminating technologies including the shapes with close-to- nature design climbing walls.