The smallest possible variation of the ClimbingTowers os built with 2 levels and offers space for approx. 10 visitors. Due to its short construction time of 2 days, the MOBILE TOWER is the perfect attraction for shopping centres outdoor swimming pools and any kinds of events, no matter wheter in down town, at a parking bay or at a top station.

With a base area of only 10m x 10m the MOBILE TOWER also fits on small open spaces. Besides, it offers 3 exercises per level to provide your guest with an unforgettable adventure. To guarantee the maximum climbing experience, eternal climbing elements can also be included, for example: Freefall, Flying Fox and BagJump!!! Our protection system guarantees a maximum of safety with a minnimum personnel expenditure. Ideally for children from 6 years, adults, companies and associations.

Possible rental term: 1, 2, 4, 8, 12, 16, 24, 52 weeks.

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